Want opinions on E50 harm when hill climbing

Hey everybody. Starting to tweak my 80 Maxi-Luxe (2.HP) for my area. The local area I live has some really steep semi-long hills. It doesn't help that I'm a fat ass. I've changed my gearing to 12 -45 and am stoked with the new performance.

Here's my question: I have a few truly monster hills I have to drive to leave my neighborhood - the Puch now will climb them, but my rpms drop way down. I pedal to give a boost. Am I hurting the engine or clutch climbing at WOT at such a slow speed?

Re: Want opinions on E50 harm when hill climbing

your fine, low RPMs are safer than high. You are putting more load on the engine and clutch, but hey, that's gonna happen, if you can't ride it what's the point? Plus if you really are a fat ass you'd be replacing your clutch more often anyway.

Re: Want opinions on E50 harm when hill climbing

time for 80cc kit or trade the puch for a tomos.

we have monster hills in ohio too. tomos eats hills for snacks

Re: Want opinions on E50 harm when hill climbing

Haha, my tomos is shit on hills but I just took a hard hill (tomos does 15 with a running start) with no running start on the puch 2hp h/t 1 speed and I accelerated all the way up. I <3 this damn thing.

Ass crippler

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I just got back from a long ride (21 miles). I have an MSR fuel bottle mounted in a H2O bottle holder and am fearless now. I'm thinking of calling my bike the crippler as even my nut sack even went -to-sleep! Ride on bros!!!

Re: Ass crippler

that sounds brutal and damaging. keep your nutsack awake.

Re: Ass crippler

the clutch wont blow up as long as its not slipping the entire time up the hill.

if your full throttle and your going slow up a hill, it is easy to foul plugs out. They are air cooled engines, so if you go slow enough and are flooring it it can blow up.

you cant blow up a stock cylinder they go forver, well i take that back i have blown up a stock cylinder.lolz.z,.g

Re: Ass crippler

Thanks for the info! I just switched my plug (NGK B5HS @.028 gap) to the proper B6HS @.018. Old plug looked good , but must have been bad? It now pulls up the hills like its on a mission - Damn I like pleasent surprises!

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