79 Honda pa50II Best Performance/Tuning Setup?

I just purchased a 79 Honda pa50II and I am in the works of getting it running. After I do that, I am looking into really souping and fixing it up. What would some of you guys suggest for a few decent first performance upgrades for this thing? obviously we are talking kits, carbs, pipes and so forth but which ones exactly? again, this is all in the future but i want to really start doing my homework. let me know whats up!

Re: 79 Honda pa50II Best Performance/Tuning Setup?

Check the tuning spreadsheet. The best kits are cast iron ones and the one you buy. As for pipes the Proma clone that treats has been selling is the best direct bolt on without mods for the money pipe available. I'd first get the pipe tune your clutch and mod your variator then If you feel you need more then move onto the kit and maybe the carb. You can get alot out of the motor without putting on a kit.

Re: 79 Honda pa50II Best Performance/Tuning Setup?

I'm current (and slooooowly) working on upgrading a 1978 hobbit myself. i agree with jb, start off with a pipe, but also get some good reeds, the stock ones blow! treats has dual stage boyesen's that are sweet! treats used to carry a polini copycat pipe, i had great results running stock with just the pipe! check the wiki / forums for the variator modding, and if you're feeling bold / wana pull the clutch plate, swap the clutch springs. i need to get the clutch puller tool yet, cappy's 3/4" female NPT puller didn't work for me :'(

I've seen good things with the Malossi kit on express nopeds, i've got one i'm going to be putting on mine. match them ports for mmm mmm good gogo! carb upgrade is good, the stock carb is OK but not very tunable. PHBG + malossi intake seems to be the norm. TJT Variator is a fair amount bigger so more ramping room, but i guess the rear spring requires mods to make it work well in hobbit.

Re: 79 Honda pa50II Best Performance/Tuning Setup?

whats your goal? what kind of a bike do you want to build?

for the most part here are your options.

a totally reliable 37mph stockish bike.

(pipe, reeds, springs)

a pretty reliable 50mph kitted bike

(pipe, kit, springs, vario mod)

a mostly reliable but finicky 60+ mph bike.

(pipe, kit, bonus parts, research, springs, carb, luck, gears, etc)

Re: 79 Honda pa50II Best Performance/Tuning Setup?

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Since I only put the pic on there, without measurements, it's possible to fabricate it so it doesn't work, however I used the one I made on 3 different motors with no problems. Each motor had never been apart & one was quite rusty/grungy. The real trick is to tighten the bolt down pretty tight. stop. & then wack the end of the head of the bolt so it jars it loose. Should just pop apart.

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