e50 compression issues?

hey, ive got a 1978 puch maxi with a 70cc parmakit with treats 70cc hi comp head , sha 16/16 (jet 71) and a homoet p4 exhaust. current top speed-36ishmph after wayyyy to long

i have very very little low end. i cant even hardly get up little weenie hills. i havent been able to idle right since soon after i put on my kit and i think i now have solved the airleaks around my head and base. now, as i have been adjusting my timing recently, i noticed a pfff noise coming from what seemed to be behind my flywheel and stator area.

could this be the cause of my lack of low end and idle capabilities?

my compression and low end has degraded to all time lows. what can i do to fix this?

Re: e50 compression issues?

maybe its your "keerring" ... i really dont know the english word for it. I mean the sealing of de crankcase.. 1 at ingnition side on the crank, and the other at the bearing at clutchside.

If this "sealing" is damaged or just too old and dried out, it`s possible that you have a leak there. It also explaines the slow acceleration. The thing to do (if yo uare sure it is that) is taking the engine apart and mount a new one.

Re: e50 compression issues?

In other words, you may need to rebuild your bottom end with some new seals. You should also take the time to check and/or replace your bearings while you are in there.

Refer to the moped wiki on how to do this....

Re: e50 compression issues?

yeah, i'm about to it this weekend. ive already got the new seals and bearings, just haven't had the balls to go through with it.

i took off my airfilter and put on a 75 jet and get some pretty good high end pull. ill post with the results of my rebuild when i get it done.

also, on a side note, i might be picking up a 1970 Honda cl70 this Sunday. does anyone have any experience/advice about these bikes?

Re: e50 compression issues?

had my timing off when my bike had similar problems. Had the gap opened and i ran much better.

Re: e50 compression issues?

yeah, ive just been getting the timing right this past week and it helped alot

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