RE-Jeting my FA50 Carb

What up guys... I own a 86 Suzuki FA50 and was wondering If anyone knew what SIZE AND MAKE jet I would need to rejet a FA50 carb.

Thanks If you can help...

Thanks anyways if you cant...

Re: RE-Jeting my FA50 Carb

The FA50 has a Mikuni VM12SH carburetor and the stock Jet is a 77.5. If you go into a motorcycle shop and give them that info they will be able to hook you up.

Re: RE-Jeting my FA50 Carb

or delltoro SHA jets work or solder and drill (micro drills/jewelry drills are like 10-35$)

Re: RE-Jeting my FA50 Carb

The wiki under other bikes in the performance spreedsheet said 76 jet from a dellorto SHA carb.

With that pipe on.

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