MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

WHAT UP GUYS... I have ordered the Simonini performance exhaust for my Fa50 and will soon be doing some mods to the carb and Air intake...

Unfortunately I shall need some pointers on the kind of JET and the needle needed for my moped !!

If anyone has any knowledge on what NEEDLE AND JET is needed to boost my carb with the new Simonini exhaust that would be VERY APPRECIATED!!!

Thanks if you can help

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

gotta play it by the bike each one is different. you can't change the needle ,ok and you also can't kit a fa 50. i would put your needle on the richest setting and if the mixture screw does best put all the way in get a delltoro SHA jet the next size up continue until you find its happy place

jets :)

i never order from the web site but face to face he is nice and gives good deals. have fun i would leave the air filter on and not rejet to cheat the system.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

on the subject of fA50 carbs, i got a performance air filter from the Tractor Supply Company that fit directly on the end of the little stock rubber air filter boot. i think it's the only thing i've ever bought for my FA50 that didn't require major modification to install.

here's a link:

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

Check the wiki spredsheet.

I think you have to mill the head after the pipe is on, mine lost ALL bottom end, but ripped from 14-37,39 mph. I mean ripped.

This one had the best hill climbing torque and off the line speed of all my peds. I couldn't live with it.

I took it off untill I find a FZ50 carb and then I will mill the head like .005", and put it back on.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

Hey Aimless, i havn't done this yet, but there are all sorts of sizes of mikuni carbs that look like they have the same kind of mounting bracket as the stock mikuni. i'm eventually going to get one of those and match the intake to the carb.

i think some float bowls on these other carburetors look a little bit bigger; but maybe you could take care of that with a manifold spacer?

i'm about to get my head milled by a machine shop for about 30 bucks. we'll see how that turns out.

i dont have the simoni pipe though, i have a technigas from a derbi predator scooter. i guess that would make for some differences in tuning.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

How much did you Deck the head?

I thought that the FZ had a 2mm bigger carb...

I will either find a wrecked bike, go to Suzuki dealer, or put a SHA Dellorto in mine....later, maybe next winter.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

YO ZEKE... Im keeping my stock carb for now but all I need anwsering is what SIZE AND MAKE jet/jets I need for my carb.

Please help lol

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

YO T-Falls... I live in Canada... and unfortunatly Tractor Supply does exist or ship to Canada... Would you know of any online suppliers that would ship the Baja Air Filter to Canada?

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

You can get jets at Suzuki or use SHA dellorto jets.

Look at the wiki, performance spreedsheet , in OTHER.

76 (Dellorto) N/A N/A 2nd richest 37ish Lightly shaved head, Premix conversion

looks like he did that.

I'd say shave .005"

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

hey, SAM ROCKHARD, sorry, somehow i never saw your post where you say that you live in canada...

i don't know off hand really where you might get the same thing up there. i think that Tractor Supply might have just repackaged a generic airfilter.

i have my carb all taken apart right now 'cause its gonna be raining here for a few days, so i could measure the inside diameter of the filter and let you know what it is. you could probably find the same thing in an auto parts store.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

here's a link to the right mikuni jets:

i've never actually dealt with this place before, but it's worth a shot i guess.

and yeah, i'll probably go with .005" on the head.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

personally i was just using panty hose and the plastic air thing so stuff didn't shoot into my carb. then it got warmer and my bike leaned out,no its not spouse to work that way.

Re: MAKE MY 1986 FA50 GO FASTER ! prt.2

well i went into Groves Motorsports yesterday and ordered a 80 and 82.5 main jet. the smallest one they had in stock was like 100 something. my jets are supposed to be ready to pick up in a couple days, and they were $3.99 each, so not too bad.

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