Clutch fundtion on variators

Do I buy a clutch function or no cluctch when replaceing a stock variator?????????

I want an ER2. but do I get with or without clutch???????????

Somebunny please explain.

Re: Clutch fundtion on variators

it's a package deal, either the pulley or the variator need clutch function, not both, not neither.

Re: Clutch fundtion on variators

If you don't have a clutch pulley you need a clutch in your variator.

Re: Clutch fundtion on variators

I havre a stock pulley, WHAT ULLLEY DO I BUY


Re: Clutch fundtion on variators

one with a clutch function. just wait for the multivar to come back in stock.

Re: Clutch fundtion on variators

i have been waiting for the multivar for ever. I am getting one as soon as they come back in stock

Re: Clutch fundtion on variators

Is that the one that is currently out of stock at treats?

Sorry about grammar, was very drunk and posting.

I understand now, my variator has the clutch, my pulley does not.

Weird, I bought the motobecane doppler ER2 pulley , the 25 dollar one, and a 13 tooth front sprocket.....

My stock 11 tooth or the new 13 does not fit on the pulley.

The pulley is O.D. 1.100" and the I.D. of the gears are about .075 smaller.

I had my girlfriend bring them to her machine shop this morning, it's either gonna be boring the 2 gears, or turning the shoulder down on the pulley,..

I looked at the pulley and I do not think removing .075 of mat'l is a good idea there.

I will leave it at the discretion of her father.

He is one of those 81 year old gonna work till you die type.

I'm sure it will come out ok.

Anyone see the 12 tooth gear around at all?

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