Honda nc50 to ct70 conversion

This is the first time that I've posted. There's a guy around where I live that is selling an engine from a Honda ct70 along with the carb and everything. I was wondering if anybody has heard about moding the frame of a nc50 to fit the engine from the ct70. I figured it would be a pain in the ass, but I know that the frames for the ct70's are chain driven so it seems possible with a little welding. Thanks, Jon

Re: Honda nc50 to ct70 conversion

What? You want to put a 4-stroke in a 2-stroke chassis? I'm afraid that your in the wrong forum. Wouldn't work in an '82 Express or '83 Urban, that's for sure. Don't know about earlier models.

My first ride, I put a '63 Honda S 50 in a Taco 22 mini bike chassis made for a 2HP Briggs & Stratton when I was 14YO. I had the only 4-speed w/clutch mini bike in town and kicked ASS on the Kohlers, B&S's, and Tecumsehs. My rich friend was inspired and had someone put a Honda 65cc in his just to show me up.

Re: Honda nc50 to ct70 conversion

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Part of the problem is that the entire motor of the nc50 is the rear swingarm. Honestly I wouldn't try it. Hold out for a CT90 or other Super Cub clone.

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