trac blaster?

just got a trac, 50cc case inducted reed valve cdi.

I think i can make it fast.

Anyone got a fast one or put a kit on theirs? If not im going to have to measure and see what polini has on the shelf.


hehehah cblatsetret rrecar

Re: trac blaster?

If it's that Dialem motor, it's probably a two speed, and those things are wicked fast for stock.

Re: trac blaster?

dialem motor. The sides say automatic, so prob a twosie

Re: trac blaster?

Devin from Motion Left has tweaked those out before, and I think Nate Bandit might have messed with one or two. Hit those guys up for some info.

Re: trac blaster?

That dp50 is a pretty sweet motor to start out with. 2 speed with beefy clutches. Case induction with the standard 4 bolt pattern (same as polini). Big transfers and a good size exhaust port.

Re: trac blaster?

oh yea, cool. So beffy clutches is good.

intake is the same as polini intake or tomos? if so i gotta put some 4petal action on and make this thing blast hard.

Re: trac blaster?

cool you got a moped. will it be ready by saturday? I'm thinkin cuperteen moped ride saturday

Re: trac blaster?

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

calaveras rd. 4 petal that shit up!

Re: trac blaster?

Don't a lot of people put tomos engines in those things?

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