upgrading my Puch MAgnum

I have a Puch Magnum 1 speed and I want to upgrade my Carb system with a puch dellorto SHA 15mm carburetor that I found on Treats. On the treats website though it says that with magnum engines, the cylinder doesn

Re: upgrading my Puch MAgnum

id say exhaust first and ujet or just both at the same time so you dont have to waste $$ on jets if your just gonna get a new carb later. you shouldnt have much problems with putting a sha on a magnum, its all about getting an intake that will make it fit.

Re: upgrading my Puch MAgnum

Generally I'd tell you to get an exhaust for your moped before you get a carb. The cheap ones are cheaper than a carb, easier to install, and will get you a greater increase in speed than if you only upgrade the carb and leave everything else stock.

HOWEVER... Magnum cylinders have an angled exhaust port. This means that most of the pipes on treats or anywhere else are not going to bolt on. The majority of Puch pipes are made for "Maxi cylinders" or "flat exhaust port" cylinders. There are a few pipes that are for an angled exhaust port, but I think they're more expensive/less common/for majorly kitted mopeds. You can buy a regular pipe, but you'll probably have to find someone to hack and re-weld it in the proper position. After reading the treats description of the intake, it sounds like the intake studs are spaced a little differently than the stud holes in the intake. I have no idea exactly how they are spaced differently, but hopefully someone else can tell you what you would have to do to make it work. That intake won't harm your moped unless poor fit or bad gaskets creates air leaks (which could cause engine seizure if they're bad enough).

I realize this doesn't sound particularly promising, but I don't know that much about Magnum-specific parts, so maybe I'm missing an easy mod or some common part that will make this easier. I'd think you could replace the Magnum top end with a Maxi top end, and then everything would fit better (but don't quote me on that).

Re: upgrading my Puch MAgnum

Linda's explanation was pretty much correct. Here are your options summarized:

(I am listing these options under the assumption that you will switch the carb and the pipe at the same time, which is what I would recommend).

1). Buy a techno boss, techno bullet, proma gp, or proma circuit from treaters. Then, take it to an only school muffler shop with your bike, and ask them to fit it so it mounts up to the frame....unless you have good welding skills, then DIY. I would combine this with a 15mm bing or SHA (get a matching intake for whichever one you get).

2). Swap the stock jug for maxi jug (piston/cylinder/rings). The only difference will be the exhaust port is flat, and will allow you to bolt up any of the puch exhausts I mentioned above. This seems like a scary proposition if you are new to moped tuning, but it's pretty easy. Also, unless you have a hookup, it will probably be cheaper than the hack-n-weld option. You can get a new maxi jug on the buy sell forum for cheap. If you decided to take this route and need some tips/moral support, just email me.

3). You could get a kit, pipe, and carb. But this is more expensive than the other options, so the stakes are higher if (and probably when) you screw something up. Also, I don't recommend this until you rebuilt the bottom end, case match, etc.....Don't worry about this unless your are a risky person with some money burning a hole in your pocket.

Hopefullly this wasn't discouraging, but Magnum cylinders can be annoying for new tuners. Again, email me for guidance.

Re: upgrading my Puch MAgnum

God Damn you guys are the best. Thank you for such insightful information. If you don't mind motobee I will take you up on the offer to email you.

Thanks again,


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