19mm PHBG w/50cc treatz kit

For anyone wondering if it works..


Pics and more soon.

Re: 19mm PHBG w/50cc treatz kit

Sure it works.

A 28mm would probably work too. It's just overkill, and overcarbing makes for harder tuning with no performance gains.

Good that you got it working tho :)

Re: 19mm PHBG w/50cc treatz kit

Let me clarify b4 I get questions: No performance gains in relation to a smaller (Say 16 or 18mm) PHBG.

Re: 19mm PHBG w/50cc treatz kit

that kit is a ripper. I've only put a couple of miles on, but so far i like it more than the tccd 50. just make sure you match the intake and exhaust to what ever pipe and carb you're running.

i put on a 17.5mm phbg and that kit loved it. 19 seems like it would work fine, too, but i wouldn't go any bigger than that.

Re: 19mm PHBG w/50cc treatz kit

I have a 21mm phbg on my 50cc tccd. It rips harder on my top end than my 16mm phbg did, but its very hard to tune, especially at idle and low rpms. I still dont have it quite right. Seth and justin, what is your jetting on those big carbs? Seth what diffences have you noticed between the tccd and the treats kit?

Re: 19mm PHBG w/50cc treatz kit

Yeah, mine is being a bitch to tune on idle.. I'm sure it's because of the size of the carb. I'm only running the stock idle jet (it's not labeled since I got a clone carb); I've ordered two others but they aren't here.

Think I'm running a 75 jet with my needle on the second from the top.. Boss pipe, and the crappy high-flow filter that came with the clone PHBG.

It really does rip. Especially compared to the 12mm Bing drinking straw it replaced.

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