V1 to hot?

My V1 engine head is extremely hot to the touch after maybe 15 minutes of riding.

i'm running a 68 jet on a dellorto 14.12 (no airbox) with an 11 tooth gear and a bullet exhuast. Plug chop produced a nice darkish brown.

Could low trans fluid cause this because i have a leak in the case (fluid seems to drip from where the pedals poke out of the case).

Re: V1 to hot?

Too hot to the touch is normal.

If the plug is a nice darkish broun you should be OK.

The tranny leak should not effect the "hot" running. Is the tranny too full? Pull the level plug and let the oil drain out until it quits.

Re: V1 to hot?

V1's run hot hot hot!

completely normal.

I have heard thinner tranny oil helps cool them better, but haven't tried it yet.

Re: V1 to hot?

Dan Webber Kastner /

Still running your fan?

Re: V1 to hot?

my v1 ran hot ,i switched to caster927 and it runs cooler and smoother

Re: V1 to hot?

by thinner oil I mean in the crankcase...

head/cylinder will burn you to the touch.

case will get hot to the touch. case was burning my ankles in LA 2 years ago on long rides.

Always use the fan, good 2T@50:1, and fresh/propper oil in case.

Re: V1 to hot?

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

if your not running the fan, best be MOVING and in COLD WEATHER. cause that shit is always running hot!

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