need some kit help

So here's the deal: I put a 70cc airsal kit on my maxi yesterday. Everything went together well, 15mm bing had it idleing and performing well. I took it for a ride last night, alternating speeds, never really opening it up for too long, and the damn thing seized. I have the head and cylinder off now, but the piston is stuck to the wristpin, seems to be fused. This is my first experience with kitting a ped, so I may have done something screwy. As I said, it was running fine, then it got real loud and stopped. The piston wasn't stuck in the cylinder, still moved freely without the plug installed. Anyway, let me know your thoughts

Re: need some kit help

Perhaps you simply weren't running enough oil, but don't worry, you're not the only one:

Same problem, worse results.

I've already ordered myself a new crank with roller bearings instead of brass bushings to keep this from happening to me.

Re: need some kit help

you didn't lube the wrist pin before you assembled it. the bushing got hot as fuck and seized shit up.

next step: buy an aftermarket crank with a needle bearing in the small end of the connecting rod. make sure everything is well lubed before you assemble it.

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