fa 50 how fast are you going?

i got 35 on a up hill on the speedometer haven't gpsed it yet as my gps is older and less reliable than the bike. is good once it finds itself but it takes a week to find it self. mods normal mild engine clean up, match every thing, milled head ,ported slightly (o ever so slightly). took off oil injection (sadly one of the best 2 mods i did). biturdo silencer is coming off again. already did the bolt it in and repacked it. not tuned and it goes the faster up this one hill as it does on flat go figure it hates me.

Re: fa 50 how fast are you going?

33mph with a new top end ,only 110 miles on it.

Bought bi-turbo, did 37, zero bottom end.

Took it off, does 31 on flats, 35 on hills.

Once, 39 , big hill.

Re: fa 50 how fast are you going?

really my biturbo ripped when it didn't have an exghaust leak like more torque than stock. o ps i got a tomos one if that matters.

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