garelli SSXL no bottom end

Ok so here's the setup, polini noi, n8p, 20mm phbg.

if there is even a slight incline, the ped goes no where, i have to walk it up hills unless i have momentum, top end is amazing, i suspect 48-50, but no gps yet.

Any ideas why no bottom?

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

MASSIVE air leak, could be causing your compression to be terrible. Or if your piston and cylinder are muffed up then your compression could suffer because of blow by. OR it could be your jetting is off and your running really rich or lean in one of your jets.

Check for air leaks.

Are you from Roanoke?

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

Hmmm maybe clutches.. .. seals..

I have the crank seals if you need them hit me up with a email. Ed

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

no air leaks that i found, everything is real tight and secure....

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

Ah welcome to my world Dylan, where the the little gremlins steal your bottom end everyday!

Seriously it's jetting and your gearing. I have no signs of leaks and have been fighting the same problem, until today. I down jetted like crazy and now have way better bottom end, not tons mind you but still better than last week. I ended up with a 35 idle, 83 main needle on the 2nd notch, mix screw about 3 to 4 turns out and i managed to get some pretty good results. From what i remember your clutch seemed fine when you had the bike down here, so i would totally say jetting is your answer.

What are you running and how do your plug chops look?

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

also keep in mind that you're running a carb that was meant for something around 125cc on a 65cc kit, there shouldn't be a need for huge jets for that small of displacement. With the jetting a mentioned above i've got a nice chocolate brown on my plug readings.

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

soo fred, im dumb and realized it has a 20 phbg not a 19, so i just put a 74 main in, and i gots all my bottom end back haha, not like a tomos mind you but itll get up hills now

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

My bottom end is INSANE with polini and 15 sha when i say insane im saying way more take off then any of my bikes

Re: garelli SSXL no bottom end

74 seems a tab small but if your plug is right then you can argue with that.

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