Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

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After looking at many different intakes I decided to go with my original plan. Keep the carb tucked back where it's not in the way for when I'm locking up or parking the bike in a tight area.

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Cut the end off the manifold that came with the carb and bought two radiator hoses from a local auto parts store. I cut a small piece of hose for filler to allow a smooth transition from one intake manifold to the other. Had to sand inside to an inner diameter of 21mm. The 21mm replacement piece for the four petal was made at a local motorcycle shop. It tapers down opening another 1/16 in diameter before it spreads to the rectangular bottom to match the reed intake perimeter. It also points straight up allowing me to keep the head fins at original length.

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The carb is a 21mm Mikuni that I bought off ebay with filter and manifold for $38 shipped.

Link to the thread with pic of carb set-up purchased

Waiting on jets to arrive to run.

Re: Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

the human house /

cool dude

Re: Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

That looks sweet man. Whats your opinion on the carb you bought, I've been really back and forth on it. It's just hard for me to fathem why that carb is only 30 bucks when a dell phbg is 90 bucks. Do you like the carb? Oh and I asked the seller if he would measure the distance between the screws on the intake so I could figure out if it would fit on my garelli, but he didn't ever do it, so would you mind doing it for me? Thanks so much!

Re: Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

Name Removed /

Ya, I'll measure it later tonight. Haven't ran the carb yet, but when it came in I almost got back online and ordered another. Just as described. New, never used, and yes an unbelievable bargain.

Get one. Most likely with a little filing and port matching it should fit the garelli, but I'll measure it just in case.

Re: Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

Thanks dude. It looks like it will fit, but looks can be deceiving.

Re: Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

That thing looks sweet!!!!!!

Re: Another 21mm Malossi 4 petal Intake

nice work bro@!

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