stock? i think not.

hey guys, i just got my new polini pipe put on and now i have this cracked stock exhaust. is there any way of making it into a performance pipe?

Re: stock? i think not.


Re: stock? i think not.


you keep the header

and then make the rest.

scratch that, its for a vespa?

you keep nothing, and make the rest.

Re: stock? i think not.

wow.. well right now my plans right now are to empty out the silencer, put 2 metal cones inside to make an expansion chamber, replace header pipe with wider diameter metal tube and there you go. an expansion chamber pipe that looks stock.

Re: stock? i think not.

that would be a little ass expansion chamber...

Re: stock? i think not.

Yeah.......... That may make it slightly better, but for all the work will hardly be worth it. I have done something similar to my Puch exhaust but just involved cutting. It gave it slightly more umph WAY DOWN on the bottom end but nothing more really. It was worth it for 10 min of my time and for free.

Re: stock? i think not.

yeah well i have the extra time. actually i just wanted to do it for some practice and to learn from it. i just wanted to know if i could get something out of it.

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