running problems

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i have 70cc k-star ported intake 21 mm dellorto phgb 21 mm intake from treats

techno bullet pipe on a jc penny pinto

i can get the ped running and everything but for some reason the bike runs intermittently i can get it to blast every once in a while but for some reason there are times where i get the bike running and i'm almost at a stand still when riding

i have a 72 jet right now because anything higher will flood the engine but i don think my bike would really be running on the stock jet also my air filter is getting soaked with premix when im riding and its part of the reason my bike dies on me

but would just changing the air filter and goin lower in jets be the way to go?

i would think that my bike would need a bigger jet or should i do something with a new needle also?

just looking for some direction with the dellorto since i've never ran one on my ped

Re: running problems

laughin coyote /
rxaj OP


Re: running problems

not sure, ive never had a big carb.

whats the plug look like?

leaner, but dont blast it until you got a safe jetting.


Re: running problems

people are running a 19 phbg with an 85 jet on the spreadsheet. tune your idle jet, needle setting, and mixture screw.

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