Who Has Pipe'd and Up jetted an A3

Would like some feed back on Piped and jetted a3's with stock 50cc piston. I've piped and upjetted my A35 and it runs so smooth. Im just looking for some feed back before i try the pipe and upjet on the a3. Thanks

For example: How it runs? Better acceleration? Higher top end? Size jets?

Re: Who Has Pipe'd and Up jetted an A3

i put a pipe on a very nice rebuilt a3 87 golden bullett, the pipe on the stock engine sounded great, better low end and more top end, it smoked my stock e 50 off the line and on top end. do it. jetting , it has been a few months and i sold the bike but, think i had a 53/ 54 with the air box, and maybe a 57 with the del puck and no air box.

ran great do it, we put a k star on it also and that stepped up the game for sure, shorten the spring a bit on the second gear just a loop or or 2 and cut some slits in the pad and it will engage even better stock pipe / kit or n pipe/ kit

Re: Who Has Pipe'd and Up jetted an A3

i put a techno bullet on it , they make homoet pipes that will fit now, maybe those.?

the techno bullet ripped and has a cool deep sound .

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