air filter getting soaked?

laughin coyote /

runnin a dellorto 21mm with a 21 mm intake ported and the treats shorty black foam airfilter. When i run the ped for some reason my air filter gets sprayed with gas and bogs the engine down

is it that im running too rich? or is it somethin else?

its really screwing me up i dont think i have the carbv dialed in but i ran a good 43 mph with it like that

Re: air filter getting soaked?

you runnn a reed kit or what?

Re: air filter getting soaked?

or a reed kit without the reeds haha

Re: air filter getting soaked?

ive been getting this in my garelli... not sure whats up but im about to clean the carb. could be the needle... :/

i know i have to replace some gaskets too - might check for air leaks?

i donno, i dont have a reed kit. 70cc polini, 21mm dell, 6p

Re: air filter getting soaked?

welcome to the world of big bore piston port cylinders and big carbs with high flow filters

Re: air filter getting soaked?

meh, if its normal it doesnt bother me... not seeing any problems with performance

Re: air filter getting soaked?

This is a standard problem on high rev'ing 2 strokes.

Air has mass. And since it has mass it also has momentum.

When the inlet port opens you get a high speed rush of air going into the engine. When the inlet closes that rush of air hits the closed port and bounces back through the carb. If you have run without an air filter you can see the spray around the carb inlet. It looks like a stationary cloud of fuel-air mix but it is actually cycling in and out at the same frequency of the engine rpm.

There is not a lot you can do. A longer inlet track might help but sometimes it is not practical. Try a larger air filter.

Re: air filter getting soaked?

laughin coyote /
rxaj OP

ok well i just thought it might be the reason my moped keeps dying on me when i run it it would run all right the first few feet then when i let go oof the gas on the corner it would lose its speed and roll almost at standstill i checked for air leaks and fixed em checked for air leaks again and there were none

but now instead of even running at stand still my bike will die out when im riding

Re: air filter getting soaked?

I too had the same problem with my metra......after hours and hours of research and head pounding i figured i would start from the beginning.

Making 2 adjustments really improved the fuel reversion.

step number #1: make sure you have the correct base gasket


step #2 intake length......this is just something you will have to play with. start out with a rediculous intake and then start chopping.

Before i couldnt run an airfilter. But after fine tuning it runs with no probs. But then after installing my CDI i havent noticed it at all. Probably since the CDI puts out an amazingly high secondary and burns out the overly rich mixture. something else you might check is your float height and your exhaust is not returning the fuel mixture to fast and pushing past your rings.....Hope this helps....piece.


Re: air filter getting soaked?

add reed valve

Re: air filter getting soaked?

laughin coyote /
rxaj OP

ima try that but before i do this is my setup

im runnin a kstar 70 cc intake ported kit

21 mm intake with 21 mm dellorto phgb and a techno bullet exhaust

im thinking of making gaskets outta this cork gasket material i bought and it works really well

i thinking i might make one for my base and exhaust so when i tighten the screws on its squeezes the squish space between to make sure there are no air leaks for sure

then if its still doin it i might use this bootlegged grinder to grind down the exhaust but it might end up sideways on me thats what im worried about like i mean the carb will lay on its side horizontally

would it still be good???

other than that im still nervous to grind down the exhaust though mabey down jetting will help??

just looking for opinions to base my mods off of

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