puch proma curcuit pipe- shortened???

the leo vince has a shorter pipe coming off the chamber than the proma curcuit does, does any know or has anyone tried to cut some of the length from the proma?

do you think by cutting off a few inches the pipe will have more power or loose the magic ?

thanks .. patrick

running it with a 16 del with a 62 malossi kit, matched , new bearings, seals .

Re: puch proma curcuit pipe- shortened???

try it and tell us what you think.

better yet take the tiny header and replace it with a bigger sized headerand see what it does.

Re: puch proma curcuit pipe- shortened???

would create less pressure. cut to much off and your bike bogs . cut a little off and your power band should lower in theory, or it could make it run like shit. so do you want to bet it? i mean if you could weld it back and undo what ever you are going to do sure. also did i get the pressure thing right does higher or lower pressure make the power band higher?

Re: puch proma curcuit pipe- shortened???

The stinger looks way too long. I was wondering about chopping one too. If you don't have enough back pressure, just find a piece of pipe that fits in the piece welded to the pipe and weld/screw it to the inside of the pipe. There are two factors that change air flow: area and length.

Re: puch proma curcuit pipe- shortened???

ok so cut about 3 inches off, i cut it about a inch from the last bend so the pack would have something to clamp on to . i put it on a stock bike since my other engine listed before is apart for a bearing switch , i want to test it on that bike since i have been running it on that set up and the change would be obvious, but since that will be next week i tried it on the stock bike. it seems to have more low end and starts screaming earlier than before , it has a second change in tone with my other set up when you start reaching the top end range , with the stock it changed once and held that tone and pressure solid , i rode my friends leo vince and it seemed to do a the same thing.

its been raining straight for days , as soon as it lets up in the next few days and i can get the malossi back running i will test it on that bike and if i dont reach 50 and the sound is off then i will know i did the wrong thing ,if it is not better i will be trying a few suggestions and or welding it back on( i go to welding school ). if it is better ,than i will post pics of what i did to it.. fingers crossed.. thanks for the input.

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