2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

I've attached pics to my posts to show what I am talking about. I removed material on each of my two shoe clutches. After I re-installed them, my motor would rev super high before my clutch would grab, and after about 5 minutes of riding, the clutch wouldn't disengage. So I took it apart, discovered that the posts that the shoes attach to have bent out. So I bend them back with a vise, loosen the springs, reinstall etc... I did this 5 times until my springs are all the way loose, and it still won't grab until way high rpms, which bends the posts everytime. I even tried it with a new clutch plate, same thing happened. Did I remove too much material? I have seen more material removed on other clutches than what I have done, and I haven't heard of too many problems with this.. I have read all about this problem in the wiki, but I just want to know if there is a solution or will i just have to go back to stock-unmodified clutch shoes. This is on my 50cc tccd'd e50. Here is the first pic.. you can see that the outside of the clutch shoes have been pushed out, engaging my clutch all the time.. which sucks....


Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

this pic shows how much material I removed from the clutch shoes


Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

and this last one shows the clutch plate with the shoes removed. You can see how much the posts have bent outward.. Thanks


Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

well Ive seen this problem before and by adding a clutch brace like this one usually solves the problem


Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

but for a two shoe not three

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

you may have just started with a bad clutch in the first place.

maybe you should prolly just go get benjis 30 dollar clutch

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

definitley bad clutch. unless you made it engage at like 8k rpm. or its probably those silly gloves.

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^heehee. This is the second clutch this has happened to. It engages around 8k, my springs are all the way loose, I can't get it to engage any earlier because of the lightened clutch shoes. I've seen the brace thingy on treats, but none for a two shoe. Trash?

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

it might not be shimmed right, that or your clutch bell is doing something funky. what kind of tranny fluid are you using?

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atf.. It's strange.. anybody have any figures on weight for their clutch shoes? I know it says in the wiki not to go below 55 grams total weight for each shoe, but I wonder what is optimal?

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hey dgma,

I skimmed over the clutch performance section when i first started working on my moped, havent bothered to look lately.

But, the 55 grams may only apply to the 3 shoe clutch systems. then again it may not make a difference....but i beleive the clutch pucks are different sizes.

you need to remember that the amount of weight you take off after the fulcrum is NOT effecting the entire weight of the the shoe. what i mean by this is the weight on the other side of the pivot point is the weight creating a outward force. so taking off the entire amount of weight on the opposite side of the spring will drasitically lower your centrifugal force.

and as you have realised....really high rpms!

i myself took my clutches down to 58G's, and hated it! i added weight to take it back up to 65 on stock springs and is now perfect.

your clutch base looks bent and might be trash, but you can probably rebend it and then make your own silly brace! be original and creative. if failing, try and try again. the reason some of this stuff gets created in the first place is because no one sells it, and it hasnt happened to most people. UPGRADE.

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i lightened mine to 70ish grams and i goes pretty good stock springs pretty tight, not all the way. i'm running a pipe but the setup is mostly stock otherwise.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Make sure they are perfectly balanced, as well.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

timo is that 70 grams per shoe on a two shoe clutch or a three?

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

2 shoo, i think it's 70, maybe 70 something, but i weighed 'em on somebodies dope scale, i'm talking hundredths

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i almost want to pull it out cuz i never took a pic, but i did't just chop mine down, i drilled a 1/2 inch hole in each one, then ground off some more. i'm no rocket scientist, and i don't have one of those things in the wiki but it's like a see saw, the spring makes an invisible fat kid on the side it isn't on, then centrifugal force tries to push him up, if centrifugal force's see saw is too short, it get's pistoff and goes and bends your clutch plate. imagine it, if the side with the spring is heavier it will pull out thus putting slack in the spring when it's supposed to engage. that could be nasty. next time i have it out i'll post a pic.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics


what are you using to pull your clutch off the crank?

looks like your using a 2 jaw gear puller and that effing it.

3 shoes are pretty affordable at this point BTW.

30 bucks aint bad.


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Make one of these.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

Also, if your pads are too light you can drill and tap the ends so you can use a bolt and washers to add or remove weight to fine tune it.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

lolz. too light, too much blasting.

wait, there never is enouugh blasting.

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hey sabat, jose. finally got that a35 stator flywheel and box. putting it on satrday will let u know how it goes on tomos. thnx for info. do you still have any more 2 shoe clutches for sale or regltr, condensr, stator plate setups for sale as well?


whts the theory behind that setup, to just avoid posts bending?

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sorry to say here that peeps are missing it.

dude the arms in the clutch are levers and you took off all the weight that pulled the damn thing out to the bell, now it is a piece of crap, throw it away and stop fucking with clutches.Put in a stock two shoe and set the springs at 1.5 turns farther in and have fun! Try to make sure both of the pads take the same amount of force to push by hand (not that hard to do)

To all else offering advice when you clearly have no idea what your talking about is sad and kinda mean.


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a lot of people have had good results from lightening clutch shoes. they just wear out faster.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

Yes, the brace is to keep the pins from spreading outwards by strengthening the clutch hub.

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lightening the clutches is waaaaaay better than tightening the springs down.

start with the springs like 1 turn in. Then cut a little off and test, then if you need more slip cut more. When it feels really good, tighten the spring down half a turn and blast.

lolzozlzol super blaster secrets exposed.

Re: 2shoe clutch mod problems-pics

Do whatever you want they are your parts.

I can see no gain other than reducing rotating mass.

_lightening the clutches is waaaaaay better than tightening the springs down._

What makes this statement true?

You are weighting the clutch arms but not taking in to account the weight from the pivot point which will change the amount of leverage on the arm it's self.

If your not measuring weight from the pivot point then you are doing it wrong this is physics guy I bet some of you have had a class or two on it!!!

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