Dellorto 14/12 Upjetting

So im a newb on the modding side of mopeds(usuallu have friends do work for Painting an stuff) and am looking to upjet just a tad from a stock 14/12 to something that will fit with my Less restrictive exhaust an Filter.....what would be a reasonable jet to start with so i can down jet as/if needed

or should i start with another carb so i dont have to put money into something that will go bye bye sooner then later

Re: Dellorto 14/12 Upjetting

You should get a few jets that are larger than what you've got now. For example, if your carb currently has a 52 jet and runs well with that, then with the exhaust and filter, you should maybe get jets 53-57 or 58. Then when you get your jets, put in the biggest one and do a plug chop. If it's rich, then you downjet and repeat until your plug chops are nice and brown.

To find out what jet you have now, you'll have to take the carb apart and look at the number stamped into the jet. If you don't know how to do that, there's a good video here that should help.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to learn how to tune your SHA before you upgrade your carb. If you decide to upgrade your carb later, the jets you buy now will still theoretically work for a larger SHA carb (although you might not have the right size range anymore). 4 or 5 jets from treats won't set you back more than $20, so it's not like it's a huge investment.

Re: Dellorto 14/12 Upjetting

how do i take the main jet out(just gonna watch video an see if that helps) but... do i need a special tool or allen wrench or something

Re: Dellorto 14/12 Upjetting

Medium flat blade screwdriver.

Re: Dellorto 14/12 Upjetting

So I just clicked on that video link, and it looks like they moved it around and stuff. Here's a new link that should get you to the right video if you couldn't find it.

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