carb spitting gas

generally speaking, what causes gas to spit out of the back of a carb?

if i take my air filter off and rev the engine gas spits out of the back.

set up is 16mm phbg, tccd 50 kit, boss pipe.

Re: carb spitting gas

When you look in the intake port at BDC, can you see the piston window? You shouldn't be able to see it. You might need to lower your cylinder.

Re: carb spitting gas

Ahhh. Yes. I was hoping someone would post this. I have almost the same setup, I have a bullet pipe though. My carb spews gas out of the little tubes coming out the side of the carb. Dont know why? Do you mean the air filter side of the carb?

Re: carb spitting gas

Check your float levels?

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