moby varplus duuuuudes.

soooo i put this thing together using only the pictures in the manual, since i can't read french, but i definitely did something wrong. the lil vinyl posts that the ramp moves in and out on are hitting my belt. any dudes running this thing that can tell me what my dumb ass did would have my gratitude.

Re: moby varplus duuuuudes.

Damnit Topher you have to put the plastic sliders under the bell housing. Take the 4 flat bladed screws off and put them back on under the whole bell, you will most likely have to drill it a bit but they fit right in.

Re: moby varplus duuuuudes.

Sorry, signed under the wrong name.

Re: moby varplus duuuuudes.



topher+ryan didn't see that. but now i know what to do.

dumbassery resolved.

Re: moby varplus duuuuudes.

Also start off with all 6 of the lightest weights in there, 6 medium if you are running all stock and only hitting 30 or so. Adjust as needed

Re: moby varplus duuuuudes.

I have the same problem but I did put it together right. A small amount of material may need to be shaved off from the ends.

Re: moby varplus duuuuudes.

also don't use the screws it comes with, they're generally threaded differently than the stock screws.

but yeah you have to remove those four screws and put them on underneath the housing. instead of risking stripping the screws using a drill, use an impact driver.

I know a lot of people can't throw the variator all the way closed with even the heaviest weights on a stock moby. start heavy and work your way down till you have the pull you like if you're on a stocker.

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