103-PHBG21mm what style?

Looking to get a phbg for a peugeot 103. It has the 5 coil ignition w/ external ht coil on the right hand side of the bike. I am looking to get a PhBG clamp on style w/ cable choke.....but not sure what side I should get the adjustment screws on, or what style letter combo to order. Any ideas??

AD? AS? CS? What you running??????

Re: 103-PHBG21mm what style?

the right side so you don't catch your fingers in the pully. mines on the left and it's just a pain in the ass.

Re: 103-PHBG21mm what style?

Do you know what the "call" letters are or style letters or whatever they are called are? Like ad/as/cs etc..... Thanks.

Re: 103-PHBG21mm what style?

AD has the adjustments on the right. I'm with Jeremiah. I have left side adjustments and it would be easier if they were on the right.

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