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Hello everyone, I just purchased a 1980 Motobecane Moped and I was wondering what quick, cheap ways I could go about making it a little faster. THe engine is a 49cc and I was just wondering what someone with a little background knowledge thought.. Thanks for your time

Re: New Moped

how fast does it go now? because if it does 15 fix the thing thats wrong. if it does 30 then talk performance. bigger carb, cylinder kit. expainsion chambers are good for 2 strokes but i don't know of many that are good for stock mobys.

le not moby expert

Re: New Moped

Check the the forums

Re: New Moped

Yeah I have heard that a lot people have problems with the carbeurator.. It was pretty gunked up when i got it so i need to go through and clean everything.. It was running around 20 mph so Im guessing maybe a fuel line is clogged or a piston ring is cracked. Im gonna clean it all out and see where that gets me lol. Thanks guys

Re: New Moped

it might be a 20 mph version. i think it is just a cylinder and maybe a carb swap between the versions.

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