14 hours to tune, helppppp

My magnum ran amazing for two days with everything fresh out of the box kit pipe carb. Tried a different plug for some fine tuning and was significantly worse put my old one back in and over the day it's been running crappy. slow acceleration average mid speed and at full throttle it'd slow me down like four stroking so I down jetted and it wouldnt even run. Then a buddy suggested up jetting and that was worse so then I put my original jet back in and it runs horribly like won't go more than five miles an hour.

Re: 14 hours to tune, helppppp

Make sure no nuts came loose and that you don't have any air leaks... You didn't seize it did you.

Re: 14 hours to tune, helppppp

No air leaks no loose nuts and it still runs so I didn't sieze it. it just put puts around and last night it was going a solid 45 at not even full throttle it's ridiculous.

Re: 14 hours to tune, helppppp

You could have soft seized it... Did you just put a new kit on and start ripping it up? I would take the top end off and look at the piston and then put everything back together. You have to baby them at first to break them in...

Did you mess with the timing at all?

It has to be something simple if it was running perfect before and you didn't change anything.

Re: 14 hours to tune, helppppp

check your points sometimes the slip to where they are barely opening and you will go SLOW!

Re: 14 hours to tune, helppppp

Sparkplugcap came off the wire when you changed the plug? OR maybe it got loose at the coil.

I'd check the ignition, as it sounds like the most likely culprit.

Your float could be stuck too.

Re: 14 hours to tune, helppppp

yea man check your points a timming..

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