V1 Performance line up.

Andrew “No-No” Strother /

This is a first for me and I feel as though I've done my fair share of research, but I wanted to confirm, as well as get some input from you guys first.

Here's the line up I'm thinking of:

-Polini 80cc (75cc) Kit (just ordered)

-A bennasar performance pipe, preferably a

Re: V1 Performance line up.

Andrew “No-No” Strother /

Oh, and stock gearing, but 10x34 would be nice. That is, if I could find a 10 . . .

V1 Performance line up.

What size front gear do you have now? I have a spare 10 that i'd trade you.

Re: V1 Performance line up.

Andrew “No-No” Strother /

Stock: 11x42

Re: V1 Performance line up.

I have 47mm Polini kit, Mamba pipe, 16mm Del SHA, 16mm intake, UNI pod filter, 10-34 gearing last year and 10-36 this year. The bike really rips on low end and does about 50mph. I am a fat bastard at 240 and it loves it. I hope to run either a 19 or 21mm carb this year.

Re: V1 Performance line up.

Andrew “No-No” Strother /

Yeah, I just did a little more homework and decided against the 21 mm carb/intake. I don't need to be burning that much. I'm going with the 16 phbg. Oh, the Del SHA in comparison to to Del PHBG . . . how big is the difference?

So here's the REAL list:

-polini 75cc kit (got it)

-16mm PHBG carb with the matching intake (need it)

-a malossi filter/or a uni-pod (need it)

-9/34 gearing (need the 9)

-Zen Pipe (just bought it from Benji)

Still need some input on the jets.

Re: V1 Performance line up.

King Drunky JCams /

A huge difference.

A 16 is no comparison to a 21.

You will get better gas mileage though with the smaller carb...

I run a Polini kit, 18mm Dellorto PHBG (90 main jet and malossi filter) and de-restricted Puch Techno Estoril exhaust... though I'm thinking of switching to a 20mm Mikuni in the near future.

I also think that you should leave the 42 sprocket on the back and install a 12 tooth (atleast a 11) in the front...

I'm running 12x36 right now but am switching to an 11 front again soon.

The zen pipe should be rad. I've never run one personally, but I wanna...

Good luck.


Re: V1 Performance line up.

Hit me up at the email in my profile if you want to trade my 10 for your 11.

Re: V1 Performance line up.

The ZEN pipe is really awesome. Total ass shredding low and mid range.

I wouldn't buy another pipe unless I was going for top speed...and for the price, you can't beat it.

It looks great too compared to many other ugly pipes. Very high quality, bolts right on. Spring mount flange is badass too!

Re: V1 Performance line up.

Brand I eat a treat /

70 same setup lowend Flock yeah killer

V1 Performance line up.

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

My VI is on line 20 http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p_Ysahl1B79WHMUBbvCzNfgand yes it hits 50+ MPh . That was me in LA at flock yea waring day glow green on a blue twin sport city bike .

Fast bat out

Re: V1 Performance line up.

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

im running the 75cc

16SHA (easier to tune)

17mm intake

running without the plastic cover on the carb and have a foam sheet over it instead.

jet is at a 76 which is too rich still. will prob stay at 74 once its broken in after the 500miles mark.

hitting 35 at half throttle. dunno what my top will be.

using the mamba pipe as well. has good low end and mid on the bike =]


Re: V1 Performance line up.

Go 19/21mm polini/other intake and 19-21 PHBG!

16 is kinda small for a 75 kit...

You'll be happier in the longrun. They are not that much harder to tune, and you will never fell like you need an uprgade.

Leo Vinci puch pipes are awesome on kitted V1's, the Zen V1 is hidden under the Derbi stuff on Treats for some reason, and if you have the money and want a ripper get a Motomatic N8P (or go straight baller with the $N8D$).

Re: V1 Performance line up.

Anything more than a 19mm intake is a waste. I had to open my intake port to 19mm from the get go. Dont bother with the polini intake, it sqeezes down to 16mm or so with no room to open it up.


19mm Dell

19mm intake

HC Head


11-36 gearing

All amounts to a personal best of 53.4 before sealed bearings.

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