better performance queations

I have a 1978 puch maxi.

I bought it 5 years ago.

It ran okay, went about 25mph tops, which really ticked me off cuz it was so slow.

It eventually wouldn't start.

Now i took it apart and am researching on how to make it run faster. I am having trouble figuring out what kind of cylinder kit would fit my moped, and what kind of carburetor i would need to go along with the cylinder kit. I'm trying to make my moped run as fast as possible and the biggest cylinder kit i found was a Puch 80cc metrakit large port cylinder kit. I have no idea if it will work for my moped, what carburetor i would need with it, what modification would need to be done.

If this cylinder kit wouldn't work, then what kind of cylinder kit (preferably largest possible) would work for my puch? can anyone help me understand the basics or limits a puch maxi has like if for example I did install the 80cc cylinder kit, then would other parts not be able to handle it?

If anyone knows, whats the fastest you can get a 1978 puch maxi to ride, and I'm not talking about insane modifications like changing the whole engine.. just medium-size adjustments such as cylinder kits, carburetors, air filters, etc.

Thanx for your time.

Re: better performance queations

hello there.

the 80 cc metra will work on your maxi but it is a pretty hard install. you need to bore out your engine case to fit the sleeve into the case and i think you even need to add some more material around the outside so you can form a seal.also, they have an angled exhaust port so youd either need to get a special exhaust or modify one.

you should go with a 70cc airsal or something like that. when going with a kit youll almost always want to upgrade your carb (if you have the bing 12/12 you definatly need to, if you have a bing 14/14, you still should cuz little leaky bings suck.)

also, your gonna wanna get a new pipe. a boss or something like that would work good. youll get a substantial increase with a performance pipe and upjetting even with stock cylinder and carb. just get a new pipe and maybe youl be satisfied and not have to spend mad money and probably fuck up your ride.

Re: better performance queations

to to and buy a 15mm sha,70cc k-star kit, and a cheap puch pipe.

Re: better performance queations

or get the 50cc kit and a cheap pipe upjet your stock carb and you can do the whole job for like 120 bucks and go 45 mph

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