Relli V1 Zen pipe

Do any relli riders have experiance with this pipe at all? I've heared of Zen manufacturing pipes for other bikes, but I don't know where they stand on quality an preformance.

Insight would be lovely y'all thanks.

Re: Relli V1 Zen pipe

If I were building a fast Minarelli I'd go with a bennasar pipe, but that's just me.

Re: Relli V1 Zen pipe

yeah get a bennasar they are the shit. we have two at my house a minarelli one on a kitted motron and a garelli one on a tomos and they rock so hard,. My neighbors do call the cops on my for riding my moped somethimes because its pretty loud but its worth the noise

Re: Relli V1 Zen pipe

is it dirt bike loud or just really poppy loud?

Re: Relli V1 Zen pipe

The ZEN is a poppy loud sound. It sounds like an estoril or something at idle. It has insane mid range and low end. Not a high RPM pipe (though it does still scream!)

I can get the front end off the ground with the ZEN and some low gearing. The mid range powerband on the pipe is insane. You can give it steady 1/4 throttle and have a lot of fun just feeling the takes off like a jet in the mid range.

I would buy a Benessar if you're looking for more high end power...they're also not very suitable for non kitted bikes (Benassar, that is.)

Re: Relli V1 Zen pipe

get a moped first justice : )

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