NU50M Headlight Conversion

Ok, so I have an '82 Honda NU50M. It was in pretty decent shape, runs like a champ, but the electricals were a mess. I've ordered a new headlight, but that leaves me with a busted one, and I can't leave well enough alone. I'm interested in doing a H3 or H4 conversion, based on something I saw on this site. I'm planning on cutting off the back stem where the leads are connected and epoxying a receptacle for a replacement bulb. So my questions: What is the difference between H3 and H4 bulbs? Are they dual filament, and if so, can they still work with the stock high/low headlight switch? Is there anything I need to take into consideration when doing this (ie bulb getting hot enough to melt the case or wires or frying my battery or rectifier)?

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