v1 polini curiosity

v1 motron with polini 75cc, 21mm PHBG Zen 50cc pipe, 11x44

So this thing fucking absolutely rips in the mid range to 40's but seems too rich I've been descending down each time better but now to a 71 jet! which still seems too rich i have to baby the throttle for it to feel like it tops out which i feel like i think it has another 5mph afterburn left.

I barely did any tampering with anything. Stock setup ran pretty good. Any words of wisdom here. I really cant see jetting lower!

I can only think or retarding or its just the pipe

Re: v1 polini curiosity

Are you using a long pull throttle? If not then at full throttle you are really at about 3/4, so the needle is effecting things, so you could adjust the needle. Also what air filter are you using?

Re: v1 polini curiosity

usually it seems people are in the 80-90 range on V1 polinis w/19-21 PHBG's....

Re: v1 polini curiosity

also that setup should hit 50, but I don't know much about that pipe.

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