70cc k-star and 14 bing.

Just got a k-star kit and want to use it like now. Only problem is I don't have the bigger carb yet. Has anyone used a K-star with the 14 bing and box filter. If so what were the results?

BTW I looked at the tuning spreadsheet and it looks like it change to all stock cylinder set ups.

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

Yeah... the spreadsheet looks a little... sparser than it used to. I haven't done this, but I searched it pretty extensively a while ago. From what I read, the answer is yes, you can use a smaller carb with your kit so long as you're jetted properly. However, you're probably not going to go as fast as you'd like/think until you put the bigger carb on.

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

i'm doing a kstar with 14 bing. but you'll need to at least derestrict your airbox. or fabricate a higher flow air filter. some people use panty hose. you'll want some sort of performance exhaust though.

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

This is my current set up. Does fine. Proma gp

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.


What size jet are you using?

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

I noticed the issue with the spreadsheet also, here is a link I saved a while ago that still has all the data:


Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

78. Portmatched too. 2~3 mm advanced timing. Chamfered ports all around. Cleaned up the exhaust. Got about 175 miles on it so far. It shreds.

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

I'm running a 14mm dellorto on a kstar and it goes pretty good...

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

kyle the velvet quaker /

I switched from a 14mm bing on a ported kstar to a 19mm dellorto, and its like, insane difference.

but I was running an 80-82 jet, and it was difficult to keep an idle. But my pipe was still restricted then. So my advice is probably null, take what you can.

Re: 70cc k-star and 14 bing.

70 Kstar

14mm Bing 80 jet

Richest needle setting

High flow filter

High comp head

No gaskets

Case matched

Opened exhaust to match

Matched intake and opened to 16mm

2 shoe tuned

Advanced a tad


Nice, pulls great, idles just fine 45+

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