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alright. so i've never tuned a real performance carb before.

i understand everything after reading the phpg tuning guide, and now its just a matter of messing around with everything until i get it right.

i dont have a proper airfilter yet for the season. but i plan on going pretty open and high flowin'. but its a little sloppy outside for that right now.

anyways.... my problem is adjusting the needle. i havnt bought any more needles than the one it came with. but oko needles have 4 or 5 notches (cant remember). if i put the needle any notch above the bottom two, the slide doesnt go all the way down. it gets jammed in the jet. does this make any sense?

its on the verge of spring here. and i want to get it tuned before all the streets are dried up. it feels like i got it jetted perfectly with no airfilter on it. but with any sort of filter on it, i need to drop the needle down. will different needles solve this? why would only 2/5 notches work on a needle... makes no sense to me. already thinking about ditching it for a dellorto

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anyone with this problem?

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i have oko and don't have the slide problem.

why on earth would you want to tune right before the season change? you are on a road to siezetown usa.

take the WHOLE carb apart to understand it better. stick the needle down the emulsion tube alone and see how far it goes. maybe there is a casting flaw. these carbs are cheap but they work VERY WELL and have a great design in serviceability and function.

what kit are you running this on? if it is a large piston port, then you need to choose an airfilter wisely.

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i've only been taking it out for a little bit at a time... a long winter of no winter and going crazy is making me pretty anxious to get it out. summer is too short here.

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