Exhaust Pipe Question

Is it possible that switching from a Polini Circuit Pipe to a Simonini Circuit Pipe that has smaller dimensions could bring on the need for much larger jets?

I was running around 100 main with the large Polini pipe, but now with this similar but smaller Simonini I'm up to 110 and getting lean plugs at WOT.

I've triple checked for leaks with the standard carb cleaner test and come up with nothing.

Re: Exhaust Pipe Question

which has the bigger header?

Re: Exhaust Pipe Question

Same header diameter and length on both pipes.

Re: Exhaust Pipe Question

Also, the expansion chambers look roughly the same, just the Simonini is smaller.

Re: Exhaust Pipe Question

If the Simonini has less back pressure then you will have to richen up the carb set up.

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