Tyre Size

Can I fit a 2.5 x 17" tyre to my maxi with the standard swingarm?

Re: Tyre Size

Yes... I have 2.25 x 17 IRC Zaps on mine

I love those tires

you can get them at Quarterkick.com

Re: Tyre Size

i've got a set of michellin m45 2.5 17" to fit, just wondered if could get away with sticking these straight on without modding the standard swing arm

Re: Tyre Size

Well I couldn't get Shinko SR244 17x2.5" tyres to fit on my Newport so, I suppose not

Re: Tyre Size

Depends on the tire, it's been covered extensively before.

Irc nr53 2.5 will fit if you run the axle real far back. Gazelle 2.5's will rub.

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