Peugeot Tuning Experts - help?

So I've been trying to tune my Peugeot build for a couple months, with various setbacks and not much luck. Here is the setup I'm working with:

Polini Aluminum 70cc

Simonini Circuit

Polini variator weights - middle weights

Polini return spring

Polini case

TSM high comp head

19mm PHBG clamp-on

106 main jet, 40 idle jet, w9 needle (clip I'm not sure)

Brand new condensor and points, 5 coil ignition

Panty hose filter

Here's the situation: I kept lowering the idle jet because riding around at 1/8th throttle the plug was always black. Regardless it has consistently sucked off the line. I only have 2 balls in the clutch. Once it gets up to speed a little the RPMs fly up and the thing is screaming, but not going fast. Some four stroking, probably need a lower main jet. So I'm thinking, heavier weights because its not upshifting, and downjet a little. But that doesn't explain it sucking off the line, regardless of how much throttle I give it. I was wondering too, how much advance to people with Peugeot kits use? I have it on stock advance, 1.5mm right now.

Re: Peugeot Tuning Experts - help?

if you are only running two variator balls you may want to go to three. I dont think just 2 will work correctly, off balance and wobble will occur for sure.

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