31 tooth sprocket

treats now has the 27 and 31 tooth front sprocket for tomos

i was gonna get the 27

am i going to lose all the torque in the world if i got the 31 or would i still be okay

i weigh 145

63 jet, biturbo, targa

already have a 22 rear

Re: 31 tooth sprocket

I Bought my 31 tooth front sprocket for like 30$ then the next day treats get them for 12$. I was soo pissed! haha.

Im gonna try to get it put on this weekend. Ill post results.

it will be...

70cc kstar



Targa Lx


Re: 31 tooth sprocket

Your low end might suffer..as it will with a higher tooth sprocket I beleive..I have the 27T, Tecno Estoril with a 58 jet..low end is fine from 0-15..mid range blows..top out @39'ish and I weigh 215lb..I think you'll be fine..

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