Exhaust compatibility question

Does anyone know if the angled 2 piece biturbo exhaust will fit on a stock e50 single speed engine? Im not sure if the stock exhaust port is flat or at an angle. Thanks in advance!

Re: Exhaust compatibility question

is it a maxi e50 cylinder? Newport? Pinto? Freespirit? Swinger? Magnum? its the cylinder that matters. if the exhaust port is totally horizontal its flat, it is slightly slanted (lower in front higher in back) pointing to the rear it is angled. its subtle but you can see it.

Re: Exhaust compatibility question

It is a single speed magnum. The exhaust is coming off of an old tccd kit that I had. Im at work right now and will probably figure it out later tonight, but I was curious if anybody knew off of the top of their head

Re: Exhaust compatibility question

magnum cylinders are angled, the tccd you had was probably flat.

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