vespa simonini pipe

does anybody have a pic of one of these on theyre grande

i wanna see how far it sticks down

Re: vespa simonini pipe

Not the same pipe, but similar:

Re: vespa simonini pipe

oh thats not too bad

how is that one it looks almost the same

i wish they sold a cheaper pipe that fits it

i dont know i might end up just making a header and welding it to a jarmacol i just want somethin thats better than the shitty stock pipe

Re: vespa simonini pipe

jay i have that pipe if you wanna borrow it and and see how it fits.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

I have THIS version of that pipe and it fit my Grande just fine. You might have to elongate the exhaust mount on the sub-frame a little. I think the Simonnini hangs a bit lower.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

yeah id like to see how it fits

il just ride down there when your gonna be around and try it there instead of borrowing it

i dont really like borrowing stuff

you know me i love going through the trails so i dont want anything that sticks down that will get distroyed

Re: vespa simonini pipe

ya. you know, one of these days, somebody has to build a new vespa grande subframe with more articulation and more ground clearence, then it would be great for trail riding. and even a little more rough off road.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

i wanna make a new subframe cause the original one is shit

how can they make a real heavy duty main frame then use a stamped out sheet metal sub frame

i wanna make one out of tubing and 1/16'' plate steel so it will hold up

Re: vespa simonini pipe

here's a pic of mine with that pipe on it. have the TOP 12mm crank, 62cc malossi, 13.13 dellorto, malossi gears.

the black thing behind the pipe is a lafranconi silencer i used spring attachments to get on.

The pipe is great but quite loud imo. no pedal, centerstand interference which is very nice.


Re: vespa simonini pipe

double silencer cause two is better than one! no hate, but, that's funny looking.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

yeah, it's funny looking, i admit. but it does work to keep the dB's down.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

exactly! i actually don't pedal my moped anymore because it caused the subframe to twist and it cracked causing the belt and chain tension to be off and make odd noises. i got it welded up, but it might come apart again if i put too much load on it. you should make a new thread on your project. i wanna see how it goes.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

that expansion chamber sits really low! i can just imagine hitting that thing on a curb when pulling into a parking lot!

Re: vespa simonini pipe

actually, i haven't had trouble hitting the pipe on anything. maybe i'm just careful, but it hasn't been a problem.

it's more of a problem on my stock motobecane pipe, if anything.

Re: vespa simonini pipe

yeah i dont like that at all

this is why i wanted to see a pic id end up distroying a pipe like that the way i ride

yeah im going to get the tubing and plate steel next weel and il use a bravo subframe to get all the measurments and look at to build the new heavy duty sub frame

i know il brake the shitty subframe so i might as well build one

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