Express exhaust Has any one installed this and is it any better than the

Im also wondering what kind of ground clearance i would have with the first pipe? If anyone has ran one of these or even both some of your feedback would be greatly appreciated

Re: Express exhaust

I cannot answer your questions.

Since no one else has, though, let me suggest another option.

Recently, I made a Horrible Express Exhaust System break>

I cannot yet recommend this process to others. Wait.

In the meantime, though, I found out that making an exhaust header for an Express is absurdly easy.

In the attached image, see the results of about fifteen minutes worth of work with a hacksaw and a hammer.


Re: Express exhaust

Left is stock (um... obviously), and right is a bicycle handlebar fragment with a lip pounded into it.

The bend on the header (which you need to clear the engine side cover) is gentle enough that you could also use electrical conduit and a conduit bender.

Why Am I Saying This: if you could, perhaps, find a way to use _any_ pipe with an Express...

Re: Express exhaust

Tingle, that pic of the Express exhaust has made my day! Its totally janky, I love it!

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