Exhaust Silencer Question

I'm cleaning my Estrol pipe, and I removed the silencer (pad?) which pretty much is solid black and crumbling...not sure what it's made of...would regular insulation work to replace it? thanks.

Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

1977 sells the replacement fiberglass packing. If you look on dirt bike sites you can find alternatives for packing. If you have a local power sports store you may be able to find it there. I assume you mean house insulation? It would seem to me that standard insulation would not be the best choice as it would load up faster and it would probably break down faster because its not as substantial of a material. However, I am far from an expert in such matters.

Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

yeah, it blows out after awhile. it also seems to deaden the noise a lot better while it is in there. I've also used Kaowool, which is like a furnace insulation stuff, that works really well, and i've used those celing tiles that are made of like hardish compressed insulation wrapped in a tube... that works pretty good too. If you dont mind repacking it every 500 miles or so, house insulation does the job, is cheap (probably free) and results in +3 hipster cool points for using non-moped-parts on a moped.

also, all that packing stuff loads up with oil way before it blows out, so you should probably be changing it every 500-1000 miles anyhow.

Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

Tom, I forgot that you have not yet seen the horrors birthed just down the street from your pristine mopeds.

I used steel wool to pack the silencer I welded on to the pipe in the attached picture.

Said pipe was once furniture. Said silencer was once a Tetley's can.

Anyway, I use steel wool or copper wool depending on the material the exhaust pipe is made out of. I've got a bunch of copper wool scrubbers left over that wouldn't oxidize inside an expensive performance pipe.

Give it a try? Not even close?


Re: Exhaust Silencer Question


Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

cool, thanks guys...and James I'm wondering how many of us you're going to take out with that pipe on our first ride this season...

Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

Oh, that's just the Mark I version.

Mark II gets spikes and invisible trailing wires.

Re: Exhaust Silencer Question

OK heres what you do. open up the canister completely so you can easily work with it. next, you need to stop at your local dirt bike shop and buy silencer packing,. Next, you wrap the packing loosely around the mesh cylinder inside the silencer, then re assemble the silencer. you will have to rivet it shut again if it is held shut with rivets

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