pinto body mod question

laughin coyote /

to those who have thier tank sittin with the top flat horizontal style did you drill a hole in the frame? did it significantly weaken your frame by much or what are your experiences with that??

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no need drill or weild.

i went to a small mom/pop muffler shop they gave me a peice of pipe for free.

i used a grinder ,cut a u shape in each end .

mine fits nice and tight and its removeable thats the best thing about it, i can be a step thru/top tank or no tank depending on the mood.

Re: pinto body mod question

Your moped looks like a bmx bike on steroids. Pretty rad coco.

Re: pinto body mod question

I think you just flip the lower mount around. Assume you mean not to put a top tube on but rather just raise the rear of the tank

Re: pinto body mod question

Hey cocoloco did you reinforce your EBR swingarm or are you running it as is? i've herd only bad things about em just wondering what your thoughts where.

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ive not had any problems with my ebr ,i like it better than the stronger magnum swingarm, as you can see in the attached pic ,i beat on the ebrs ,im sure powerslideing has to test their far so good.

i love the way the ebrs handle on my pinto at high speeds,its ultra responsive.

Re: pinto body mod question

your bikes give me chills

Re: pinto body mod question

word thanks dude your insight is always help full bro!!!!

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