125$ to spend

I've been wanting to upgrade my 77 maxi for a while, and I've finally saved around 125$ and was considering getting the 38$ high compression e50 head that mopedshop.com sells and the 60$ boss performance exhaust pipe. Should I go about spending my money differently to get the most out of my moped? Thanks

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Buy the head from treats (and the pipe too, while you're there) and spend the extra on some jets. You'll probably need them with the pipe. The pipe (and upjet) is probably the best single mod you can do. I've heard that the Boss can kill your low end (but it has great top speed), so the high comp head sounds like a good idea. It won't help your top speed much, but it should help your low end. You could also consider adding a high flow air filter if you've got the cash.

Re: 125$ to spend

Thanks, i'm pretty unfamilier with the whole carb jetting thing, is there a jet you'd recommend?

Re: 125$ to spend

10 percent of your original, stock is 48 i think

Re: 125$ to spend

See what jet you have in there now, then buy a couple sizes up to play with. You should also buy or make a high-flow air filter.

Re: 125$ to spend

You could save some money and gain some knowledge by making the high comp head yourself with some sand paper and time. If you look around on here you can find info on doing that. Also you can save some by making your own high flow filter with some rubber radiator hose, a few hose clamps, some wire mesh, and a bit of foam.

Another do-it-yourself performance gain you could make is drilling your carb out a bit. If you don't feel like doing that and you have the 12mm bing you can post a WTB ad on the Buy/Sell forum and pick up a used 14mm cheap.

Spend the money on the Boss pipe, some jets, and maybe a sprocket or two in different sizes.

- Joe

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