103 kit jetting

i finally got my shit together and got some jets for the kit i have. any suggestions on which jet i should run to begin with?

64cc autisa kit, simonini pipe, malossi 4 petal reed intake, 16 16 sha currently with a 74 jet in on the stock 50cc.

also any word of wisdom, oil suggestion, assembly tips, tricks and all other mojo welcome.

Re: 103 kit jetting

also is there any rule of thumb?

ie 'ten jets higher than what you have on the stock engine.'

Re: 103 kit jetting

Give an 84 a shot and jet up and down from there.

Also, you wanna come by and work on it this weekend?

Anniversary ride!

Re: 103 kit jetting

hopefully i'l be riding it this weekend. thanks eric!

Re: 103 kit jetting

You'll need to start with a wide array of jets, and jet for WOT of course....adjust air filtering or even drill holes in your slide to get the off-the-line back if WOT jetting is too rich at 1/8 throttle.... which sometimes happens with SHA, but with a 64cc it might not be as drastic.

good luck, be careful and rip it.

Re: 103 kit jetting

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Have you started yet? I wanna see it.

Re: 103 kit jetting

it was so nice yesterday i didn't want to waste the day so i didn't do it. i fixed the simo pipe though. i got a piece of thin metal and sanded it down so it shimmed perfectly and put it in there. no prob. so next day its sunny i'll do it. i'll email ya.

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