how much faster!?

my set up:

'92 tomos targa lx

26 front sprocket, 22 rear

14.12 dellorto

58 jet


would a 16.16 dellorto SHA make a big difference? i know i'd have to find or make a bigger intake.

if i were to find a 16mm intake, how much faster could i get? if i upjetted properly

Re: how much faster!?

well how fast do you go now?

Re: how much faster!?

around 39, i drove next to a car

Re: how much faster!?

tune your current setup? i thought tomos did 55 with just a biturbo wait u aren't in nj no clue how fast you should be hitting. a biger carb will give u 0-10 mph depending on how u tune it and how far the original was off.

Re: how much faster!?

just curios zeke, what all kinda tuning can you do? im running the same setup

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