puch maxi exhaust

i was wondering if i took the stock exhaust off my maxi and put a performace exhaust on would it make a difference in speed at all ?


Re: puch maxi exhaust

Zack Rineer /

Yes, but you might wanna order a few higher numbered jets to see what works with the new pipe...

Re: puch maxi exhaust


Re: puch maxi exhaust

Zack Rineer /

come on..

he wants help!! don't laugh out loud..

Re: puch maxi exhaust

how much faster do you think it would go? it goes around 30 rigt now

Re: puch maxi exhaust

Read up in the wiki about exhaust, jets, carberautors blasting and magnums

Re: puch maxi exhaust

DUKES (MRDR 133) /

it's a beginners question, and thats fine, but to some it is funny to read. there is a breakdown of what pipe can acheive what right here break>

generally some of the basic questions can be answered in the wiki or by using the search function. just use those to your advantage, and be prepared to read a lot

welcome to the army

Re: puch maxi exhaust

I noticed you said your buying parts from mopedjunkyard.com

They have an extensive inventory, but are kind of expensive. You should check out:




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