Dellorto Mounting Problems?

So, my set up first I suppose


Athena 60cc kit, not matched

BiTurbo Exhaust

Dellorto 15mm SHA w/15mm intake 68 main jet

Everything with the Dellorto seems to be backwards, the sieve is on the left and the adjusting screw is on the right, I have to have it slightly tilted, doesn't sit right and right now it's just sitting on there, nothing is hooked up. Do I just get a new plastic tube from the petcock to the carb? It's going to be a pain in the ass to make adjustments as I'd have to go through the right side. I got this from treats and they said that it works and is better than the Bing 15mm, am I just retarded? Also, I got a high flow air filter with it that won't even go on anywhere... perplexed as my sole mode of vectitation is disembowled and stationary in my kitchen. And my girlfriend is giving it dirty looks. I don't want to have to choose.

Re: Dellorto Mounting Problems?

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Just shave some of the fins in that spot with a dremal, im not sure what ones off the top off my head but ive seen pictures in old post

Re: Dellorto Mounting Problems?

There's just an idle speed adjustment on the right side, correct? Once you get it set with a long screwdriver, it's good to go. Get a longer fuel lne.

What engine is this going on?

Make it fit..

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Increased frame clearance"></a>

Re: Dellorto Mounting Problems?

Yeah, run a new fuel line and probably a new inline filter. If the coil is in the way of the idle adjustment screw, you can move the coil anywhere else, I like putting back on the frame, like where it is on a 2-speed frame.

Re: Dellorto Mounting Problems?

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i just put one of these on my gf's k star kitted e50. it's kind of a bitch to get on and off but once it's on it stands up straight (it's not a big deal if it's slightly tilted anyway)

you can switch the screw that tightens it to the intake to be on the left side and the nut on the side that is tough too reach. it's easier to take on and off if you unscrew the coil and move all the electrical wires out of the way.

your fuel does have to take the long way round but it doesn't really matter

the airfilter goes on where the black plastic cap is

Re: Dellorto Mounting Problems?

Thanks for the help, visuals help tremendously and I'm gonna try and fit the coil elsewhere, bought what I needed this morning, cheapest purchase I've made so far, and hope to put it on tonight. The advice is extremely appreciated.

Re: Dellorto Mounting Problems?

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or just get the 77 intake that throws it off the side looks so bad ass on mine

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