puch 33 cylinder

How much better is this than the 22?


Re: puch 33 cylinder

im wicked confused lately about puch cylinders.

one number on piston and cylinder determines the tolerance I.E. a 5 piston will fit crappy in a 1 cyldinder.

but the wiki has all the info.

my knowlage.

alu-chrome cylinder. has open transfer ports, square intake, flat exhaust port. great for high rpm's and bulletproofness. found on e50 maxi types.

Magnum cylinder.iron sleeve cast aluminum, closed transfers,circle intake, angled exhaust, these are the beefy looking ones found on magnums

High-torque Cylinder, circle intake, closed transfers, and flat exhaust port. iron sleeved too, and came with a high-compression head. came on 2 speed maxi's and maxi's after 79 or somthing. also in the 80's or somthing alot of these cylinders came with the Dykes ring piston for ridiculas compression. rare part if you come across one.

Korado cylinder. generally looks like a magnum one but way better. boost port, high compession head, awesome piston with boost port, gigantic transfers set it up with a pipe 45mph easy. angled exhaust circle intake.

hope that helps shits in the wiki


Re: puch 33 cylinder

yeah... i kind of knew all of that ;) but thanks. I guess i'll have to check out the manual to find out the specific info about port size and pistons.

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