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I just got a dellorto 15mm carb in the mail and the puch pipe i ordered is coming sometime next week. I was wondering how to go about putting the air box on, or what i could do as far as an air filter. Also, 15mm carb too much for a stock cylinder? and would this effect the clutch any?

Re: sachs owners

I know the 505 sachs airbox is poop on a stick, so just find either a k&n filter or a uni pod to fit the outter diameter of the del. I don't think thats too much carb, but I donno how large the intake is on your cylinder, so it might not do too much good with out porting. This stuff wont really affect your clutch any, but just make sure to change your tranny oil often and to the right level, because it will put a little more joules through it.

Re: sachs owners

run it dude.

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